Antonio Tong, Ph.D.

Senior Engineer
University of California San Diego

Dr. Antonio Tong is a senior engineer at the University of California San Diego. He is serving as the lead scientist for the DoE funded ARPAe CHARGES project, validating advanced energy storage technologies for the future utility grid. He is also affiliated with many energy storage deployments and research projects on the campus, including the BMW second life EV battery stationary storage system, the first of its kind to be deployed in the United States. Prior to that, he worked at the University of California Davis as a graduate researcher. He developed one of the first pilot systems that reuse EV batteries in a solar-storage smart home. He also led the creation of the community scale microgrid at the UC Davis Robert Mondovi Institute utilizing PV plus storage to provide renewable energy for viticulture and brewery research. He has over ten publications in battery management, smart grid, electrified vehicles, fuel cells, and holds one pending US patent. Antonio Tong received his Ph.D. from the University of California-Davis and Bachelor of Science from Zhejiang University in China, both in mechanical engineering. 

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