Dr. Udi Helman

Helman Analytics

Udi Helman is a consultant on market and technology issues in the electric power sector, in which he has worked for over 15 years.  Among his current roles, he serves as Chair, Market Analytics Working Group, Energy Storage Association (ESA) and also co-chairs a working group for the Energy Storage Integration Council (ESIC).   Previously, he was Managing Director, Economic and Pricing Analysis at BrightSource Energy and before that, a Principal focused on market design and policy analysis in the Market & Infrastructure Development division of the CAISO.  He worked for almost 10 years at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) in Washington, D.C., where he worked extensively on electricity market design issues.  He has published a number of papers over the years, including many in peer-reviewed journals (and also serves as a peer reviewer).   He recently co-authored a paper on storage benefits in California, published by NREL.  He has a PhD from The Johns Hopkins University in applied economics and systems analysis.

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