Kelly Murphy

Business Development Specialist

Kelly leads an internal Steffes startup company and is responsible for the “go to market” and sales strategies for a patented and cost-effective electric energy storage system known as Grid-Interactive Electric Thermal Storage or GETS. Under development for more than 5 years, Hawaiian Electric selected the GETS System in April 2015 for their very 1st behind-the-meter (non-battery) residential energy storage deployment which began about a year ago.

Kelly began his career as a futures trader which included a role as VP of Trading and Hedging for a division of ConAgra.

Kelly’s background also includes co-founding a venture capital funded energy startup company as well as being a peer reviewer for a landmark DOE study that concluded that renewable generation when combined with flexible systems is capable of supplying 80% of our total electricity energy needs in the US by 2050.

Kelly is located in Boulder, Colorado


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