Matthew P.B. Glazer, Ph.D.

Exponent, Inc.

Dr. Glazer is a materials and battery scientist who specializes in failure analysis of materials, batteries, power systems and consumer electronics as an Associate at Exponent. His experience includes a variety of x-ray analysis, electrochemical characterization and materials evaluation techniques to examine a wide variety of energy materials, including lithium ion battery electrodes, separators and encapsulation materials as well as composite materials for harsh environments and transportation. Prior to joining Exponent, Dr. Glazer completed his Ph.D. at Northwestern University, where his research examined mechanical failure and capacity fade mechanisms in lithium-ion battery anode materials. His research focused on understanding cycling-induced strains and failures during operation in silicon- and tin-based anode materials utilizing high-energy x-rays at Argonne National Laboratory to measure mechanical stresses and strains during battery cycling. While at Northwestern, Dr. Glazer founded, developed and led an eight session seminar series providing a comprehensive, conceptual overview of various energy technologies for non-specialists, titled the “Technology of Energy Seminar Series,” for four years.

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