Peter Schubert

Richard G. Lugar Center for Renewable Energy

Peter J. Schubert is Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at IUPUI and serves as the Director of the Richard G. Lugar Center for Renewable Energy, which has 42 research members, 17 advisory board members, and 13 entrepreneurs-in-residence. Schubert is a licensed Professional Engineer, active in Illinois. He has published over 100 conference and journal papers in 12 distinct technical fields, and holds 41 US patents, plus 13 more patents in the EU. Active areas of research include hydrogen generation and storage, space solar power, brownfield remediation, power electronic devices, architecture optimization, and energy policy. He has received over $6.5M in federal grants from DOE, NASA, DoD, USDA, NSF, and GSA. Schubert is a senior member of IEEE, SAE, and AIAA. He is a vegan of 29 years, sold his car a year ago, and is working on an off-grid home to survive the consequences of civilization not moving fast enough to provide for all humanity without ruining our only planet.

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