Tom Chadwick

Chief Executive Officer
GI Energy

Tom Chadwick is the CEO of GI Energy, a leading full service onsite energy Developer. As a Chartered Accountant with 16 years experience at Merril Lynch Investment Management, Tom set up GI Energy in the UK in 2005, applying engineering excellence to sustainable energy generation. His oversight and business expertise enabled GI Energy UK to become the leading onsite energy producer in the UK. In 2010 he launched GI Energy US, which rapidly outgrew its European sister. Now, Tom provides invaluable leadership for all GIE's large scale projects across the country. A passionate proponent of Energy Storage as the key to unlocking the benefits of distributed energy resources, Tom believes that bringing Utilities and Master Developers to the table with municipal authorities is vital for large-scale success of sustainable infrastructure, as is being demonstrated by GI Energy's current San Francisco and New England projects.